Last week we issued a call for applications for a consultant astrologer. New Mandala is yet to fill this position.

And — if this Wall Street Journal report is anything to by — there is a simple explanation. For Thailand’s legions of fortune-tellers business is booming. According to one observer this is a “glorious time for astrologers”. But…

…It can be dangerous work. A small group of soldiers kidnapped Mr. Luck [the name of the featured astrologer] a decade ago for predicting the collapse of the government, he says. They dangled him above the jaws of some hungry crocodiles at a reptile farm on the outskirts of Bangkok to warn him against making dire predictions, he says. He’s carried a gun ever since, and has continued making bold forecasts about Thailand’s political future. Mr. Luck’s story couldn’t be independently verified.

And he didn’t predict the kidnapping? Hardly a strong endorsement of his forecasting skills, one would think. Or is that not how it works? Whatever the case may be, “Mr. Luck” appears to be making a good living. Surely he has no foreseeable need for New Mandala‘s business.