The Thai junta appears to be backing down on its early unsupported claims that linked Thaksin supporters to the bombings. Even the most ardent supporters of the new regime must be starting to scratch their heads about the increasingly bizarre statements being issued.

The Nation reports puppet PM Surayud as saying that there was no evidence to suport his claims that those “who had lost power” were responsible for the bombings – this was merely “an intelligence analysis”. (Exactly what sort of intelligence analysis is made without any evidence is not made clear.) “We cannot pin down exactly any group or individuals who did it. I haven’t had any evidence or information,” Surayud is quoted as saying. (So, why was he so keen to link the bombings to Thaksin supporters?)

Even more bizarre is the claim by Defence Minister General Boonrawd Somtas that a letter from Thaksin denying any involvement had “made the public confused about the bomb attacks.”

The Bangkok Post reports (sorry if the link disappears – that’s how BP manages its site!) on differences of opinion in the Council for National Security:

Gen Saprang Kalayanamitr, deputy secretary-general of the CNS, insisted military officers linked to politicians who had lost power were behind the bombings. However, Vinai Phattiyakul, defence permanent secretary and secretary-general of the Council for National Security, said he had not ruled out southern insurgents.

Loose lips sink ships!