Perhaps the best blog coverage of today’s horrific bomb blasts in Hat Yai is coming from the very reliable Bangkok Pundit. At least 7 5 people are dead and scores have been injured.

For a taste of Bangkok Pundit’s reporting, I have included a quote:

Hat Yai is an economic hub in Southern Thailand and major destination for Malaysian tourists. The continuing targeting of department stores and areas of commerce (yes, that includes a massage parlour) will be devastating on the economy, particularly the tourism sector. I would imagine the authorities would have expected attacks in the 3 southern border provinces and not in Hat Yai. This is just a continuation on attacks on special dates/anniversary…Tenative reports state that one of the people killed is a westerner. The NationChannel (TV) reports it is a Canadian, but this is not confirmed.

These attacks in Hat Yai suggest an escalation and expansion of what is now a long-running and bitter conflict. I hope Bangkok Pundit keeps the updates coming.