In today’s The Age I have a brief analysis which discusses Aung San Suu Kyi and the prospects for political change in Burma. If you prefer your Burma commentary in podcast form then this program broadcast yesterday on Australia’s Triple J may do the trick. In the Burma segment (which is early in the podcast), I offer a few thoughts and then former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer weighs in with his take on the situation. And, finally, if you are interested in hearing my views, and the views of a range of other figures, on sanctions against the Burmese military government then this recent transcript might help.

I’m the first to admit that there is much in these various analyses that could be debated and further refined. I offer this quick consolidation of potentially useful links in that spirit of free enquiry and discussion.

In a similar vein, later in the week I will be interviewing a former Australian Ambassador to Burma, Trevor Wilson, for the next episode in the “Burma votes 2010” podcast and vodcast series. While I have already prepared my draft questions for Trevor I would be happy to hear suggestions from the New Mandala readership about topics that you think are worth discussing in more detail.