I have to say it is childish of the Burmese generals to dream about acquiring nuclear technology, since they can’t even provide regular electricity in Burma…

– Extracted from a wide-ranging interview with Thakhin Chan Tun, former Burmese Ambassador to North Korea: “Burma wants the bomb”, The Irrawaddy, 27 June 2009.

New Mandala readers who pay attention to such matters will already know that there has been recent analysis by some well-placed figures on the topic of the Burma-North Korea nuclear nexus. You can read tentative appraisals of this issue in pieces by Andrew Selth (February 2009 — he also wrote a longer report on Burmese nuclear ambitions in 2007) and Bertil Lintner (December 2008 and June 2009). Of course, commentary on this issue goes back years. A selection of earlier reporting takes us to July 2007, May 2004 and July 2001.

This week as a North Korean ship with a mysterious cargo apparently heads towards Yangon TIME explains “Why Burma may be North Korea’s best friend”. In that current analysis the nuclear issue lurks in the shadows.

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