One of the aims of this volume is to suggest that sufficiency economy does not just apply to the “remote agricultural sector” but also to contemporary business management. So why did they put such an agrarian photo on the cover? Probably because a photo of the king striding through a cement factory, shopping mall or luxury hotel would strain the credibility of the sufficiency economy concept.

Of course the main aim of the volume was to enable the good businessmen and businesswomen of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (who produced the volume) to demonstrate their unwavering royal loyalty. Those looking for some serious analysis of how the sufficiency economy concept may be applied in business operations will be disappointed. Instead we are given 100 statements of corporate platitude and uncritical loyalty to the vagaries of reasonableness, moderation and immunity. Here are a few extracts to give you the flavour.

In my view, if we can pause for a while to think about the principle of Sufficiency Economy before we make any decisions, we can then manage our business effectively and more stably. … I want to add that the Association of Business Management of Thailand has been adhering to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy ever since our conception forty-three years ago. (Preecha Chaochotechuang, Chairman of Thailand Management Association)

The challenge that we constantly face is the low price offered to the contractors, which in turn affects the work quality. Moveover (sic), it may have an impact on the ethical aspects causing people to become dishonest in order to survive, especially when dealing with the government sector. As such, the government should ensure fair prices for the construction contractors to ensure quality. (Polpat Karnasuta, President of the Thai Contractors Association)

We have been selling the Shanghai wafer brand for one Baht each for more than thirty years. We are proud that our sales of Shanghai wafer brand increases every year with the current market share of 70%. We do not expect a high profit margin; on the contrary we want every Thai to be able to consume it. (Sulemas Suthisamphat, Consultant Committee President of the United Foods Public Company)

… I believe that the concept of sufficiency is the root of success in life. In this respect, I have been teaching my students to understand the concept of balance between creation and conservation. I have also mobilized many mega-projects and succeeded by balancing the views of those who support and those who oppose. … The biggest pride of my life is the Royal Decoration of the Most Illustrious Order of Chulachomklao, which His Majesty the King so graciously bestowed upon me. In deep gratitude, I will forever adhere to Sufficiency Economy Philophy (sic) in the conduct of my work. (Karoon Chandrangsu, President of the Engineering Institute of Thailand)

And so it goes on.