New Mandala was founded in June 2006 by the Australian National University’s Andrew Walker and Nicholas Farrelly. Its mission is to provide anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia. Over the years it has published more than 2,000 posts and over 18,000 comments. The website continues to grow and its founders are constantly exploring fresh ways of providing a high-quality service to its large audience.

To help with further expansion and development, in 2010 we are seeking to appoint three country editors. This follows the recent appointment of Greg Lopez as New Mandala Editor – Malaysia.

The new positions are New Mandala Editor – Burma, New Mandala Editor – Cambodia, and New Mandala Editor – Laos.

These voluntary positions will be filled by energetic and committed individuals. Each editor will assume responsibility for the New Mandala content concerned with their country. They will be tasked with writing, or soliciting, at least one New Mandala post per week. These positions provide unique opportunities to contribute to the study of mainland Southeast Asia through the premier academic blog about the region.

Potential applicants are encouraged to consider the selection criteria with respect to their preferred country editorship.

For these positions applicants should:

  • Demonstrate an ability to write and edit for timely publication;
  • Be very comfortable with standard publishing, editing and Internet technologies, and be willing to master the tools relevant to the blogging environment;
  • Possess appropriate country experience, knowledge and skills;
  • Share a desire to push forward academic commentary on their country of expertise;
  • Enjoy lively academic (and not-so-academic) debate;
  • Appreciate the dynamic and time-critical nature of New Mandala’s mission.

Formal qualifications may prove relevant but we are just as interested in appointing editors who show a commitment to “learning on the job”. These roles offer substantial autonomy and there is no sense in which the newly appointed editors will be expected to follow any perceived New Mandala consensus.

We are looking for critical thinkers, energetic contributors, and formidable debaters.

The New Mandala Editors for Burma, Cambodia and Laos will receive training and support, but will also need to take the initiative and immerse themselves in the blogging environment.

Applications for these positions should address the selection criteria and be accompanied by a brief CV. All applications should be sent to [email protected].

This Call for Applications will close on Friday 5 March 2010.