Haris Ibrahim 2

We will unfortunately have to cancel Haris Ibrahim’s seminar, titled “Opposing authoritarianism in Malaysia” that was scheduled for the 1st October 2013 at the Australian National University as he has yet to get his visa to Australia.

Haris Ibrahim noted this on his blog, The Peoples Parliament.

Flew back to KL yesterday.

Got several phone calls and emails from foreign media asking to be interviewed and to comment on speculations as to why I was refused the visa to enter Australia.

I have declined to do so.

For now.

A little while ago, by e-mail, I sent a request to meet with the relevant officer at the Australian High Commission with a view to fully explaining the purpose of my intended visit to Australia and to lay to rest any and all concerns they may have, with a view to having the earlier refusal rescinded and a visa issued to me.

I now await a positive reply.