New Mandala readers who are fans (or observers) of Carabao – Thailand’s most famous “songs for life” band – will find this recent Bangkok Post report worth a read. In tribute to the band, a 25th anniversary album has been recently released with the title Mon Pleng Carabao (The Magic of Carabao’s Music).

For context:

The list of performers on Mon Pleng Carabao is made up of the best and most diverse artists available, but this is no surprise considering Carabao’s unrivalled popularity, longevity and achievements. Hailed as the first songs for life band to achieve mainstream success, Carabao play protest songs riddled with political implications, cultural criticisms and social reflections.

And in other news:

Yeunyong [“Ad” Opakul] revealed that the band is working on a double album to be released later this year that is likely to send chills down the spines of those in power.

“There are still many things left uncriticised in our country. There are many things to say, and we will say them,” said Yuenyong, taking another sip of wine.