Rural Malaysia

Mental health as public health in Thailand

Lack of resources and public misperceptions mean that psychological services is a notable gap in Thailand’s health care system.

Warming to climate change

Can the new climate change ministry navigate the complex politics of competing interests when tackling the threats of extreme weather? Or is an independent commission answerable to Parliament needed to hold the government to account?

New regimes, old policies and a bumiputera reboot

Will current levels of caution on Bumiputera policies persist, or will the new government seize the opportunity to reform? Will it remain fearful of being accused of sidelining Malays, or will it make Malays more capable and competitive?

Notes from the campaign: election day’s dues

Why Malaysia's voters delivered a momentous political upset in yesterday's election, as seen from the ground.

Reinvigorating rural Malaysia – new paradigms needed

If rural development serves vested interests, it will surely be piecemeal, unbalanced and ultimately destructive.

Rural votes in Malaysia

Rural votes the saviour of UMNO? Another analysis on how malapportionment and gerrymandering is distorting Malaysia's electoral outcomes.

Clive Kessler’s analysis on UMNO’s strategy and a correction

Clive Kessler's analysis of Najib Razak's campaign strategy had obviously struck the nerve of some very powerful people.