Thank you to all of the New Mandala readers who have been sending through their updates and comments over these difficult days. Your information and analysis is helping all of us to better understand events on the ground in Bangkok and in other parts of Thailand.

The situation remains chaotic and this morning detailed information of precisely what has happened overnight is hard to find. I expect that over the course of the next few days we will all get a clearer sense of the final hours of the Red protest. But it may still be some time before we develop a full picture of the scale of post-protest rioting, sabotage and counter-attacks. The curfew (Thai language text available here) has, of course, been in force overnight.

Right now, I don’t think any of us would pretend to have a full understanding of what’s happened over the past 18 hours. What I have done here is assemble some of the key reports for New Mandala readers to consider. Please feel free to add your own updates as they come to hand.


With former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra talking of “guerilla war”, the foreign media is carrying dramatic reports of ongoing shooting and fires, such as this one and these. Most of the focus is understandably still on what is happening in Bangkok. Central World, a mega-mall in the heart of the city, was severely damaged by fire (this picture tells part of the story). Other torched buildings, including the Stock Exchange of Thailand, have also suffered, and a cinema in Siam Square reportedly collapsed. Shooting, burning and looting apparently continued throughout the night.

And while all of this is happening in Bangkok there is little good information on events in other parts of the country. From Udon Thani there is an account of protests and burning, and other details from Khon Kaen. There is also tentative reporting that the City Halls in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have been attacked.

Please post your updates, links and analysis. And thank you for your patience as we endeavour to moderate comments as quickly as possible.