There has been enormous media coverage of red intrusion into Chulalongkorn Hospital. A New Mandala reader has provided this alternative account:

Pure cunning of the state security apparatus and their army friends portrayed through the media as Red occupation of Chula Hospital. Here’s the truth from firsthand accounts, including a close friend currently at the protest site: on the morning of the 28 April the Director of Chula Hospital ordered the moving of patients out of two buildings to other hospitals without any reason. Outpatients was open as usual. In the evening [see correction below] Red Guards asked to check inside the hospital as two security guards at the hospital arrested them and then let them go. However, a group of soldiers ran from the hospital building and crossed the road toward Suriwong Road and later to rejoin an army site situated on Silom Road. Soldiers shot twelve rounds to scare the red guards who in turn then then ran back to the rally site. Morning 29 April, Hospital Director referred to a higher authority requesting to unblock the road and that there would not be any army or police around. The three core leaders (Jatupon, Wiira, and Nuttawut) agreed, even as it was apparent that there were no patients inside since midday the day before. This road is strategically vital because it connects to the back of the Red stage. But the director did not keep his word. In the evening, eye witness accounts noted around 400 heavily armed soldiers located near the protestors and inside the hospital building itself. There were no patients and all lights were turned off in these buildings. Then the army moved in close to the mouth of Silom Road: About 50 PAD simultaneously came to wave flags and taunted the protestors. The red guards then quickly replaced the barricades. The police and blue uniform special branch then ran across the road. It is clear that the final plot is being hatched: Newin’s thugs have now infiltrated the protestors because of the mixed colours and the army using Chulalongkorn University grounds and the Hospital as a base for massing forces for the final crunch. the final push will come from at least two sides, but through the rear with the help of the “Hospital” director and the black shirt thugs are armed to move in close to the stage. It is anticipated to come early in the morning before five AM because that is the time that the day volunteers replace the night protestors. Did this account get reported in the media?

[UPDATE: 2 May 2010. The author has corrected one aspect of this account. The author now reports that the shooting incident took place on 29 April. ]