From, translated by a reader:

Mr Niphit Intharasombat, the Minister of Culture, said that he received a report of the meeting about the registration of Same Sky, a journal featuring political commentary and criticism. This meeting was led by the National Library according to the policy of the Culture Ministry in dealing with journals and printed matter that do not comply with the Printing Registration Act 2007.

On 13 September, Ms Wilaiwan Sapphasaen, the Director of the National Library as the concerned officer according to the Act, reported to the Special Branch of the Royal Thai Police (Printed Matters Division) to pursue a legal case against the Journal. This is because the National Library found the Journal has not registered its publication according to the law. She also requested the police to check the content of the Journal that may violate lese majeste law. She said that she had verbally reported this legal action to the PM already.

The Minister of Culture said “I have ordered 15 Directors of the National Libraries and Department of Arts around the country as concerned officers according to the Printing Act to check all unregistered printed matter in each province and notify them to do so in due course. Even in the case of the registered material, thorough review of the contents and pictures in them must be done to make sure they do not dishonour or encroach the institution. If this is found, it is a criminal offence and must be reported to the police immediately. At this time, I have been advised that there are a lot of printed material that has not complied with the registration requirement. After a thorough check, the National Library will report an exact number to me later on”.