Readers may be excited to hear that Colonel Jeru, who has become a regular discussant here on New Mandala, has launched his own blog. It is called “Thai Folitics, Food and Fiction“. This alliterative title is, according to the Colonel, derived from his understanding of “(Thai) Folitics” where “F” stands “for fuzzy, fudged, fucked-up, far-out and funny . . . like just like politics elsewhere”.

The Colonel has made an intriguing start and it seems only fair that we direct some readers his way. True to form…he has come out firing in the initial posts. The first one notes:

I did NOT imagine that political blogging could be so addicting because there were clearly so many paid and pre-paid pro-Thaksins active in the many forums inviting debates.

And gravitating to the forums at New Mandala, Bangkok Pundit and ThailandJumpedtheShark was quick because I quickly found myself disagreeing with many of the commentaries thereat.

I will be posting my Ordinary Thai impressions (daily I hope) but expect no fancy statistics and no deep insights. Readers are encouraged to question my beliefs and impressions . . .

The Colonel’s blog will, of course, be well worth a look over the coming weeks as he launches further online offensives. According to his self-description:

…I am not a real Colonel. Some forgotten blog adversary had exasperatedly given me the rank because of my refusal to piss at the coup junta’s tanks. But I liked the rank and I intend to keep it. Imagine me as a military officer who is middle-aged and a little overweight and not particularly intimidating.

Thanks, Colonel. New Mandala wishes you all the best in this new operation.