As some foreigners might misunderstand the current political situation in Thailand, the Prime Minister would like the ambassadors to explain and give correct information to foreigners, and point out to them that in addressing the political problem, the Thai Government strictly adheres to the spirit of democracy and would avoid using force to resolve the problem. However, the Prime Minister admits that this will have to take some time, as Thailand at this juncture is in the transitional period towards more matured democracy.

– Extracted from PM asks outgoing Thai ambassadors to explain Thailand’s political situation to foreigners”, Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order, 5 April 2010.

Note, as an aside, that this extract comes from the extensive official website of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO). This is the organisation that is currently very active in government dealings with Red protestors in Bangkok and surrounding areas. Some more details on them are available here (with lots of Thai language links at the usual place).

Of course, the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order website hosts some pretty sensitive content and, one might imagine, it is a potential target for aggrieved Reds bristling at the censorship of other media. Thus, I was somewhat surprised to see that it is a generic Google site, with the “report abuse” function to prove it.