We’ve seen it plenty of times before but the latest spate of coup chatter is looking more credible all the time. There seems to be a good chance that the army will move later this evening Thai time. Here are some of the latest reports:

  • Bangkok Pundit is live blogging now. In a post earlier tonight Pundit refers to reports of a coup before 8 PM.
  • Reuters refers to “rumours of an imminent coup”.
  • Thai Rath reports on calls for pro-government supporters to take action to block a coup.
  • Bloomberg also reports on attempts to mobilise pro-goverment supporters: “Thailand’s ruling party called on its supporters to clog Bangkok’s streets to prevent a possible coup attempt.”
  • The Nation reports on coup rumour frenzy in Bangkok.
  • Jotman compiles various blog reports.
  • And, in a breaking story, the Lancashire Evening Post is alarmed about “Preston student stranded amidst Bangkok protests.”

The government is trying to quash the rumours and will declare a state of emergency at Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports. The Nation reports:

Leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy told protesters to remain calm although the Cabinet resolved to declare state of emergency over the Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi International airports. They told the crowd not to panic and follow instructions of the leaders.

Of course, if a crackdown at the airport is launched and people are hurt (which seems very likely) the PAD will protest that they were never warned!

Coup or airport crackdown. Which will come first? Bangkok Pundit is the one to watch for the latest updates.