Alternative media in Thailand has no public space in which to operate without fear of repression.

Thai e-news has issued an urgent statement online to say that the state decided to destroy red shirt media, currently targeting 13 community radio stations around Bangkok metropolitan area including as far as Samut Prakan and Phatumthani. Many had just started to get back on their feet after the crackdown last year.

The purge, consisting of a partnership between DSI and army, started at 1300 hours Tuesday 26 April. At one site there were some 20-30 armed agents who had invaded a community radio station located in district in Pathumthani named Lamluuk-kaa (р╕ер╕│р╕ер╕╣р╕Бр╕Бр╕▓). The court had given the order to seize all broadcasting equipment and take away computers and other equipment.

Khun Palot (р╕Щр╕▓р╕вр╕Юр╕ер╕Ч р╣Ар╕Йр╕ер╕┤р╕бр╣Бр╕кр╕Щ), manager of one Pathumthani stations at Klorng 3, (105.40) said this is the start of increased tyranny against opposition and paving the way for the army to seize power (should that come about). At least it silences the red shirts in the lead up to the election such that information cannot be relayed to the masses. At the Imperial Department Store at Lad Prao, where UDD is based along with various red media, people quickly massed in a line of defense to prevent DSI/army from entering the offices. The call is now out for all red shirts to come to these sites and protect their community radio stations and the right of people to information in non-violent resistance.

It is clear that henceforth red shirt media must remain underground if it is going to survive in the coming weeks.