New Mandala readers in Canberra will want to know about this upcoming session.

The Department of Political and Social Change presents


11:30-1:00 pm, Friday 16 May

Coombs Extension Seminar Room 1.04

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,

The Australian National University

The 2-3 May cyclone that struck Burma/Myanmar has been described as causing death and ruin on a scale exceeding that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. However, the military government has so far greatly restricted access to international humanitarian relief, including that offered under United Nations auspices, raising fears that a second wave of death could follow through water borne diseases and further bad weather in coming weeks. Compounding these problems, the government has persisted with holding a referendum on a new constitution, and regime representatives are reported to be appropriating some of the aid that has been delivered. Behind all these issues loom concerns over the possible effects of the cyclone on the large agricultural and fishing sectors operating from the affected regions and thus on the entire country’s economy and people.

The Department of Political and Social Change has invited a number of concerned persons to share their views on the current situation and examine what more can be done to respond to Cyclone Nargis and its aftermath.

Please be informed that this event is not open to the media.


Monique Skidmore, Associate Dean Postgraduate, College of Arts and Social Sciences, ANU

Trevor Wilson, Visiting Fellow, Department of Political and Social Change, ANU, former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar (2000-2003)

Sarah Gowty, CARE Australia

James Holgate, former Manager Direct Assistance Program, Australian Embassy, Yangon (2003-05)

Nicholas Cheesman, PhD Candidate, Department of Political and Social Change, ANU

Chair: Greg Fealy, Fellow, Department of Political and Social Change, ANU