The many New Mandala readers who are following the ongoing discussion of foreign fighters in eastern Burma will want to check out the new website of Dave Everett. The site includes some interesting details on his life for those of us who have yet to see a copy of his book, Shadow Warrior. It is in the book that Everett most fully chronicles his colourful and dramatic life. As a taste, he writes:

At the height of my notoriety in the early 1990s, the tabloid media had built me up to be the biggest threat to Australian society since Ned Kelly. I guess the idea of an ex-special forces soldier-cum-criminal stirred people up, but those who are close to me still can’t imagine that I could be considered dangerous. I reckon I’m just a regular bloke who made a couple of bad decisions. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself…

For those who haven’t yet heard my story, I went from a young, fit and action-hungry SAS operator to fighting in the jungles of Burma to Australia’s most-wanted man. You know, the usual story.

Everett sometimes comments here on New Mandala and I’m sure if readers have any questions for him, he will be more than happy to step in and answer them. But perhaps before you do, and just to see what some elements of his life have been like, these pictures are particularly worth a look. There is also a chapter titled “The Lost Tunnels” that didn’t make the final version of Shadow Warrior. It is freely available here.