Online security is a concern for almost anyone who runs a website. There are many potential challenges and, for most of us, only ever limited resources to plough into protective measures. It is rarely feasible to defend against every conceivable threat.

With that in mind, the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) reports that over the past week it has been hit by a Distributed Denial of Service attack. It has made accessing the site difficult, if not impossible, for days on end. One of their bosses points the finger of blame squarely at the Burmese military government. It would not be the first time that speculation about tatmadaw cyber-warfare (however informal the links may be) has been aired in public. Some readers may recall that during the popular uprising of September 2007 The Irrawaddy‘s website was disabled by malicious code. Some details on that attack are available here.

Thankfully, for the moment the DVB’s excellent site is back up online. I wish them the best of luck managing any future contingencies.