Will you be at the GE13 elections this weekend? Or know someone who will? With the long-awaited Malaysian elections almost upon us, the National Library of Australia is hoping that loyal readers of New Mandala will assist us in our never-ending search for election ephemera. What are we looking for? Leaflets, posters, policy speeches, stickers, press statements, pamphlets, letters to constituents, t-shirts, caps, cups, badges and novelties, and how-to-vote cards: in other words, anything produced by individual candidates, political parties and lobby groups in the run-up to the vote, whether serious, satiric or downright scurrilous. A good explanation of why it’s important to collect this type of material as well as examples of the range of material we collect can be seen in the New Mandala post on our display of political ephemera from Thailand: (http://www.newmandala.org/2010/09/23/colourful-thai-political-ephemera/ ). Let’s hope Malaysia can come up with some examples at least as colourful (although Indonesia’s political condoms are hard to beat). Do your bit for history and help us build the collection! For further information please contact Anya Dettman at [email protected]