Christoph Bruemmer, the Ambassador of Germany in Thailand, and Kulkumut Singhara na Ayudhaya, the director-general of the Thai Foreign Ministry’s European Affairs Department, have taken a conversation about Thailand’s political situation to the pages of The Nation. In my experience, it is more than a bit unusual for this style of exchange to get printed in a newspaper. I am intrigued.

The Nation introduces the two points-of-view with reference to the “Thaksin curse”:

Their languages are extremely polite yet subtle. The following exchange between an official of the Thai Foreign Ministry and an EU embassy underlines ongoing diplomatic tension between Bangkok and the West in the wake of the September 19 coup. And analysts familiar with the “Thaksin Curse” strongly believe that this is far, far from over.

Khun Kulkumut then writes:

Looking back to our respective histories, Germany and Thailand share some painful lessons that elections do not always lead to so-called “democracy” and, with support and understanding from friends and allies, one can bounce back and be stronger than before. Throughout Germany and Thailand’s long lasting relations, Germany has proven to be our trustworthy European partner.

Ambassador Bruemmer’s reply contains some barbs. Read the full version if you want to sate your curiousity regarding this episode of high-level debate.