Over at Fifty Viss, Aung Htin Kyaw‘s terrific post summarises the range of organisations that have been trotted out in The New of Light of Myanmar to denounce the failed UN Security Council resolution on Burma. For some context, I discussed one of these tame groups, the Kachin Development and Security Army, in a post last week.

Aung Htin Kyaw has helpfully tallied articles that feature 25 different organisations including ceasefire groups and industry lobbies. The list includes bodies like the Myanmar Edible Oil Dealers’ Association, Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association, the PaO National Organization and the Myanmar Theatrical Association. The full list is worth a look.

Update (24.01.2007):

Aung Kyaw has updated his list to include another 11 groups bringing the new total to 36. I don’t imagine that The New Light has run out of “partners in peace and development” to provide statements quite yet. Will they make it to 50? 100?