Wah lau eh! Limpeh ki liao hor yi ke si ah! This ji siao “Sibeh Ah Beng” come back to New Mandala and talk cock again. This time, talk about his experience selling DVD in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Ehhhhh…. brother…… Singaporeans go JB buy DVD very old school already leh. Those kind of things happen at least 10 years ago you know. Now a days everybody sit at home watch Starhub, watch Mio TV, or watch streaming online show, so convenient. Where got people still got time to go JB buy DVD?!?!?! At most we still go JB to eat seafood or go to the newly opened Johor premium outlets to shop around, but sorry ah, DVD really already out of fashion. Now minimum standard Blu-Ray hor.

Limpeh teach you lah. Now want to go shopping hor, minimum standard is Bangkok lah. With airplane tickets so cheap, the price of going to Bangkok can be the same price as taking a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur! Zoom, zoom, very fast take airplane can reach already!

If you don’t believe that Bangkok is the new Johor Bahru, take a look at these videos. It is from the super uber popular show in Singapore now called “The Noose”, a weekly parody news show. I swear 99% of Singaporeans think Thais are like that! If you don’t laugh until your balls explode, I don’t know what to say.

Episodes are available here, here and here.

To all Thai nationals, Singaporeans are truly sorry if these videos upset you. We warmly welcome any videos that parody and stereotype us.

Limpeh, also known as Elvin Ong, is a candidate for the Masters of Philosophy in Politics (Comparative Government) at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.