Just now I stumbled upon this article about non-Thais joining the Red protests in Bangkok.

New Mandala readers with good memories might remember Kelly Newton-Wordsworth, an Australian “Christian singer, songwriter, artist, humanitarian and environmental activist”, who was, back in 2008, prominent on the Yellow stage. This performance of her signature anthem gives some colour, particularly alongside her punchier rendition of “rain man”. Among her other Thailand-related songs, this one has a more political edge, as does this one.

According to her website:

In 2008 Kelly wrote and sang songs for the ‘People’s Alliance for Democracy’ (the PAD) in Thailand, the longest running peaceful protest in the world, a stand against corruption and to bring about “true” democracy. She and her eldest daughter Tara, again made history, being the only foreigners to have sung on the PAD stage. In November of 2008, she released her song, “Peace in Thailand”, throughout the country, and signing a distribution deal for this CD single, with Universal Records (Thailand). She recently received confirmation from His Majesty’s office, that she may release her songs for the King of Thailand and also make her own documentary about His Majesty’s organic farm.

In March 2009, Kelly and Tara sang at a concert in Los Angeles for ASTV, and from there went on to sing in Seattle and New York.

Someone who has been paying more attention to the Red stage will have to tell us whether any farang wordsmiths have been belting out catchy ballads on their behalf. In the current political climate that would probably be a brave move.