Just briefly, a new website called Burma Gateway has been recently brought to my attention. It plans to become a clearing house for information on Burma which will “enable online virtual collaboration of all stakeholders relevant and interested in Burma, the website will be instrumental in harnessing, promoting and enhancing common causes and issues”.

This site, which has been “established with the support of Amnesty International Australia”, looks like it could become a very worthwhile resource, particularly for anybody looking at Burma from an Australian perspective.

Perhaps illustrative of its future agenda and focus, Burma Gateway is currently carrying a short report on a “public rally…held outside SPDC (Burmese military regime)’s Embassy in Australia on 20th October 2006 by Burmese students (who involved in pro-democracy movement in Burma in 1988) & Democracy Forces in Australia”.

Readers can subscribe to a Burma newsletter and there are open calls for volunteers with website and photographic skills. I imagine that contributors with other skills or interests would also be welcome to become involved.

The site will be officially launched at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday, 15 November at 6 pm.