Lim Weng Marc

1. What do you think will be the most important issue that the new government must address?

To establish and communicate good governance to the Rakyat (people of Malaysia). I strongly believe that the future prosperity of Malaysia will not be determined by who governs Malaysia but by how it is governed.

2. What do you think is Barisan Nasional’s greatest strength?

The coalition’s ability to move together as a team. There is obvious solidarity and unity among component party members.

3. What do you think is Barisan Nasional’s greatest weakness?

Old guards (most which are perceived very horribly by supporters of the opposition) that are still holding on to power. Most controversies and scandals relate to these old guards.

4. What do you think is Pakatan Rakyat’s greatest strength?

Its ideology that revolves around social justice and anti-corruption themes.

5. What do you think is Pakatan Rakyat’s greatest weakness?

Barisan Nasional’s greatest strength is Pakatan Rakyat’s greatest weakness. Although Pakatan Rakyat has common ideologies for social justice and anti-corruption, its parties are disparate in its ways of achieving those goals. Pakatan Rakyat is a loose coalition with no proper structure (no shadow cabinet), and the only thing keeping them together is the scent of power.

6. What is your hope for Malaysia?

For a united government that walks the talk and puts its people first. That is, policies should be formulated and enforced to benefit the people at large. This includes strategies that will help low and middle income earners without forgetting to compensate high income earners (who are actually paying the highest of taxes) with good value. Among some of the strategies that should be considered include improving cost of living (including reducing cost of essential items and increasing income per capita), regulating property prices (this has actually doubled since GE12), improve public transportation (connectivity, efficiency, and user satisfaction), improve quality of education (invite foreign universities, encourage research and innovation), reduce crime (especially white-collar crimes), move to become a global service hub (we are likely to lose manufacturing competitiveness to countries such as China and Indonesia in the future), and preserving national unity and culture (instilling good moral values and protecting cultural sites and resources).

Weng Marc Lim is attached to the School of Business, Monash University. Lim is an advocator of the 1Malaysia concept. 1Malaysia stresses national unity and ethnic tolerance, which include values such as perseverance and a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity, and meritocracy.

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