Bangkok-based artist, Chris Coles, will be giving a talk on “German Expressionism and the Bangkok Night” at FCCT in Bangkok this Friday, 19 October, 7pm, as part of the Opening for his new show, “Paintings from the Bangkok Night” which will be on exhibit at FCCT until 14 November.

Chris will be speaking from his point of view as an artist who often paints scenes in the expressionist style of Bangkok’s chaotic and colorful nightlife and the intersection points he sees between early 1900’s Berlin and Bangkok in the early twenty-first century.

Philip Cornwel-Smith, the author of Very Thai, will give a short introduction, sharing his thoughts on the Bangkok nightlife scene as a source of inspiration for writers, artists, musicians and film-makers.

Following the Q&A, there will be a live jazz band playing.

Admission will be free and all are welcome for what promises to be a lively evening.

More details and location/map available here: