Recently, Asia Sentinel ran an article that alleges that its good to be connected with the ruling coalition if you wanted to make someone dissapear.

The article illustrated several cases involving members linked closely to the ruling elite in murderous acts.

The most recent case is the alleged torture and murder of an opposition politician aide, Teoh Beng Hock by members of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commision. While torture and death in custody is quite normal in Malaysia, this is the first time where a member of a political party has been murdered.

However, the biggest scandal is without doubt the alleged involvement of Malaysia’s current Prime Minister, Najib Razak in the brutal murder of a Mongolian national, Altantunya involved in Malaysian defence deals.

The article also cites many other cases going back into the 80s such as the infamous and Sultan of Johor (currently an old man) who was dubbed “Killer King” for his alleged exploits, murder in the Perak Royal family, a top UMNO politician who made his mistress dissappear, etc.

One wonders why it is termed as a progressive and moderate Muslim majority country.