35,000 Bibles
stacked against a wall
seized by security
forces – Neanderthal!

Now the Gideons
are not Talibans
sowing terror
in the aisles
but their Bibles
were deemed
more incendiary
than nuclear missiles.

35,000 Bibles
sitting in the Dock
waiting to be freed
by Almighty God.

But God was shackled
in his Bible
under a name
we dare not say;
‘cos Judges warn us
it may be sub judice.

35,000 Bibles
finally released
but branded
with serial numbers
like common thieves:
and, to safeguard society
forced to sport
“For Christians Only”
stamped on their sleeves.

35,000 victims
of religious hysteria
now make a mockery

– Extracted from Cecil Rajendra, “Holy Criminals or Bibles?”, The Malaysian Insider, 29 March 2011