Belated Happy Birthday to Khun Thongdaeng, the favourite dog of His Majesty the King of Thailand. She was born on 7 November 1998. At the age of 13, Khun Thongdeang does not seem to age at all!

Taking the lead in celebrating the birthday of Khun Thongdaeng, Dr Niphon Poungvarin, Professor of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, posted two photos in his Facebook account.

The first photo is the birthday cake of Khun Thongdaeng. He wrote “The birthday cake of Khun Thongdaeng from His Majesty given for doctors on duty (7 November 2011). It tastes so good, not so creamy nor too sweet, yummy yummy”.

In another photo describing the present given to Khun Thongdaeng, Niphon wrote, “This gift set (apparently sent by Pee & Airy Malakul Na Ayutthaya р╕Ыр╕╡р╕вр╣М-р╣Бр╕нр╕гр╕╡р╣И р╕бр╕▓р╕ер╕▓р╕Бр╕╕р╕е р╕У р╕нр╕вр╕╕р╕Шр╕вр╕▓) is including toys, snack, drink and shirts for Khun Thongdaeng on her first teenage”.

Niphon also added, “She is the richest dog in the world because she is the President of Suwannachart Company possessing more than 1 baht. Niphon.million rmil” (This must have been a major typo–it should have read 1 million baht).