Haris Ibrahim arrested with Tian Chua and Tamrin Baba

Haris Ibrahim (left) who is scheduled to give a series of talks in Australia, including Canberra (at the Australian National University) has been denied an entry visa by the Australian government. The Malaysian Insider reported the following:

Lawyer and activist Haris Ibrahim (pic) has been barred from entering Australia due to his impending sedition trial.

The country refused to issue an entry visa to Haris, scuttling his plans to tour Australia to meet academics and supporters.

It is believed he could pose a “high risk” if allowed to enter Australia, which does not have an extradition treaty with Malaysia, according to a Global Bersih source in Melbourne.

It is interesting that Australia with its long and deep tradition of being a liberal democracy is denying a Malaysian who has since 2000, dedicated his life towards promoting democracy in Malaysia within its constitutional framework, publicly (and not covertly).

Haris Ibrahim and three others were charged with sedition allegedly for calling on Malaysians to protest against the electoral results of the recent 13th general elections. Does that make him a “high risk” ?

Perhaps Haris Ibrahim should get on a boat?