Khit baep Samak : Nayokratthamontri khon thi 25 (To think like Samak: 25th Prime Minister) (2009) by Roengsak Kamthon (ISBN: 9786169049500). 176 pages for 150 baht.

This is a political biography of Samak Sundaravej, written by a (Thai Journalist Association) Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who followed his career closely for many years. The book paints a picture of Samak as a reasonable man, preserving his reputation in a polarised society. Interestingly Roengsak had trouble with publishing the book that he finished in 2007 after People Power Party won the election and Samak became PM; it was not until his death that it came out. Consequently the manuscript was updated until the end, including the curious incident of Samak’s image appearing on the large TV monitor in the Senate the day he passed away (reported in various Thai language newspaper at the time). This is the Table of Contents for interested readers.

“Samak’s image appeared on the TV monitor, Senators’ hair stood on end”

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