The Sarawak Report is the latest website dedicated to exposing corruption in Malaysia. Its focus is Sarawak and more specifically, Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak since 1981. Taib and his family are alleged to be Malaysia’s most corrupt political family, as the Sarawak Report will show:

As the Mahmud family and their associates bask in extraordinary riches, with assets and properties strewn across the world, the ordinary people of Sarawak, Malaysia’s richest state, remain amongst its poorest inhabitants. The profits from timber, oil and now oil palm (much of it grown on land illegally sequestered from the indigenous communities) have gone straight into the pockets of the BN party cronies, who have run the country like a personal business and plundered it indiscriminately for the past four decades of continuous rule.

Read the Sarawak Report for unbelievably ostentatious schemes to rob the poor indigenous people of their land and resources. Most of the exposures in the Sarawak Report are backed by documented evidence.