A New Mandala exclusive. Actress and Thammasat university student Chotiros Suriyawong is rumoured to have denied rumours that she was rumoured to be appointed cultural spokeswoman for the Surayud-CNS government. Rumours had been sparked by the appointment of Thaksinomic guru Somkid Jatusripitak as regime spokesman on sufficiency economy. A regime insider allegedly told New Mandala: “if populist-capitalist Somkid can preach about sufficiency then surely Chotiros can teach people about culturally appropriate behaviour.”

black dress

Chotiros recently landed herself in hot water by appearing at an awards ceremony in what has been described as an “ultra-sexy dress.” There were vocal calls for punishment to be “meted out” by Thammasat University where she is a senior student. Since then, Chotiros has promised to “shed her sexy dress” in a meeting with Thammasat mandarins and has embarked on a program of reading to the blind. Let’s hope they don’t use braille!