Nothing captures, the colour, the contest and the cringe-worthy of Indonesia’s elections like a good campaign poster.

Here, New Mandala’s Jacqui Baker, counts down her top five from the 2014 legislative elections.

First in the Photoshop division comes Lucky Hakim, standing for PAN. Lucky lists his occupations as actor, writer, singer and producer and according to his Wikipedia page, Maine Coon Cat Breeder. It’s that kind of diverse skill base that the voters of Bekasi/Depok need.

Poster 1

It’s Enya, it’s Avatar, it’s a whole lotta Photoshop. Ratna’s Hugua’s pulls out her best orthopedic sandals to follow her husband’s footsteps into politics.

Poster 2

Another wily PAN campaign strategy, this time from Klaten in Central Java: a sickly-looking Budi Kuncoro proclaims “don’t pick me: the mandate will be heavy for me”. Gee, what a winner. Photo credit: Tom Powers.

Poster 3

Arif Setiawan, PKB candidate for Batu, jousts his way to the top with a medieval campaign theme. Photo credit: Lis Kramer.

Poster 4

And finally…in Bandung, West Java, boxer-clad, and baby-powdered environmentalists remind the public of the hidden casualities of election campaigning: the trees that have to carry their ugly mugs.

Poster 5