January 2 2007:

The pattern of explosions and situation suggested the bombs in Bangkok were not linked to on-going violence in the deep South, Sonthi said. “The militants are in trouble, even in Yala. I don’t think they would come here as they could get lost in Bangkok,” Sonthi told reporters. (The Nation)

February 23 2007:

Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas warned Thursday that Muslim insurgents from the deep South might expand their attacks to Bangkok. Gen Boonrawd said the ministry discovered that insurgents were wandering around universities in the capital. “It is possible that the insurgents will expand their attacks to Bangkok, because we have learned of their movements in various universities where they conceal themselves in uniforms of students,” he said, adding that it was difficult for authorities to differentiate between the separatists and innocent people 100 per cent. (Bangkok Post: attacks-in-bangkok-possible.pdf)