…The root cause of the above-mentioned problems is the perpetration of internal and external destructionists, who are jealous of national development and stability, to harm all the government’s endeavours through various methods.The government convened the National Convention for emergence of a Constitution that is as important as the life-blood of the people. Although they made various attempts, the saboteurs failed to jeopardize the National Convention. The Convention participated by various national races successfully concluded with the public support. They are trying to hinder the process of the seven-step Road Map.

Some global powers who practise hegemonism totally dislike the proposed Constitution as it contains stipulations assuring self-determination and prohibiting the stationing of foreign troops on Myanmar soil. Hence, those powers in collusion with a group of destructionists from inside the nation are stirring up disturbances.

The protest walk occurring in Myanmar is one of the plots systematically manipulated from abroad.

Internal and external destructionists do not even spare the religion if it is in their interest. They dare instigate young monks, who are trying hard in the religious studies, to stage street protests…

– Extracted from a “supplication” by Brig-Gen Thura Myint Maung, the Burmese military government’s Minister for Religious Affairs. The full text of the Brigadier’s statement is available from The New Light of Myanmar. The website of his Ministry seems to be currently off-line.