Is there a pattern in the conflicts that are occurring in Malaysia?

It appears that geographically, it occurs mainly in Penang and Selangor – Pakatan Rakyat’s two front-line states and two of Malaysia’s most urbanised states.

The issues are often related to allegations that Islam or the Malay race is being challenged or disrespected either by an opposition controlled state government or groups opposed to Islam and the Malay race domiciled in these opposition controlled states. Even non – racial or religious issues are somehow contrived as racial or religious issues by the propagators.

The targets are often non – Muslims, usually the Christians or the Chinese and not less frequently, the Democratic Action Party(DAP).

The information that triggers these conflicts are dubious. Most are often based on hearsay with no subsequent investigations by the authorities or when investigations are taken, no further actions are taken. The Federal government departments are often involved either directly or tacitly in these conflicts.

The information is always brought to the public attention by UMNO owned media who are then allowed to get away with the slanderous reports when the information is proven to be false.

Ironically, the Islamic party in Malaysia, PAS, is often seen coming to the defence of non – Muslims.

What’s going on?