Tomorrow, 2 March 2010, the Nobel Women’s Initiative is holding an International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women of Burma. According to their website:

The Nobel Women’s Initiative and the Women’s League of Burma are jointly convening this important event in New York City. Participants, and those watching the webcast, will hear the compelling testimony–for the first time ever–of 12 women from Burma who have suffered rape, torture and other crimes at the hands of the military junta. The stories they share will represent thousands of other untold stories from across Burma. Stories of fear, anguish, resistance, escape, perseverance and hope for change.

Currently, too little is known about the situation inside of Burma. Despite the magnitude of the crisis inside the country, it has not yet prompted effective or meaningful change by national, regional or international community leaders.

More details are available from the Nobel Women’s Initiative website. Their blog contains stories from some of the women who will be giving testimony.