Interesting times in Australia as Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s worry of “lone wolf” terrorism comes true.

Geoff Wade, in his analysis advised Prime Minister Tony Abbot after his visit to Malaysia, that,

…it is of critical importance that more Australian attention be paid both to the domestic politics of Malaysia and to the growing collocation between Malaysian politics and events in Iraq and Syria.

Clive Kessler, in an article in the Quadrant Online, suggests that a deeper understanding of Islam is required. He notes; juxtaposing recent developments in Australia and Malaysia with the historicity of Islam that:

As a faith, and a civilization built upon that faith, Islam over the centuries has displayed many faces, some peaceful and others not. Against the threat of violent Islam in our time, bland and disingenuous assertions of Islam’s essentially peaceful character are inadequate.

I recommend this article to New Mandala readers.