New Mandala readers who have been following recent events in Burma will be intrigued to see that John Yettaw, the Inya Lake aquatic intruder, has been released. Richard Lloyd Parry has a neat analysis over at The Times.

Previous coverage of this incident is available here, here, here and here. By resolving this consular matter, the Americans have done well by their citizen. To mark the triumph, Senator Jim Webb even has a picture on his website posing with the Marines stationed at the US Embassy in Yangon. There is now the natural speculation that Yettaw’s release will change the character of the relationship between Washington and Naypyidaw.

With the aquatic intruder now free from custody it would appear that this bizarre episode is pretty much over. This will be little consolation to Aung San Suu Kyi, and her supporters, as she continues her new stint of detention. I wonder what the vibe on the streets of Yangon will be like once it becomes apparent that the Lady languishes well after the Americans have got their man home?