New Mandala invites readers throughout Thailand to help us provide coverage of the Thai election. In the lead up to the election we are very keen to receive information, anecdotes, analysis and images from the election campaign throughout Thailand. We are particularly interested in getting material from the provinces. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed. Often the shorter the better. A picture really can say more than a thousand words, especially in the blogosphere.

On election night we will be live blogging, so please send us your real-time reports from all over Thailand — observations about the voting process, vote counts, reactions, predictions and, once again, images.

Contributions can be sent to [email protected]

Or you can just make comments here. Particularly valuable comments will be turned into posts.

Or you can tweet us @newmandala

If you think you may have really good information to phone-in to us on election night send us an email and we will give you phone contact numbers.