The Kachin News Group is one of the best sources of current news about northern Burma. Under normal circumstances its daily reports focus on the post-ceasefire politics of life in the Kachin State, the area’s economic prospects and its relations with neighbouring countries.

With major protests happening across the country it has abruptly shifted gears.

It has, along with many other news outlets, just reported that:

Two monks were killed in Rangoon by beating security forces when the Burmese military junta after eight days of protests let loose the army on the people and imposed a night curfew in Rangoon. Tear gas shells were lobbed at random and shield and baton wielding riot police chased demonstrators near the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Reports of more deaths could not be confirmed.

Rangoon, is full of riot police, USDA members and soldiers.

This comes after reporting that last night back in the Kachin State:

More than 250 Buddhist monks belonging to four major monasteries in Myitkyina and Bhamo, the two major cities in Kachin State, Northern Burma, were detained in a midnight raid yesterday by security personnel, said residents.

And in another concerning development in the north:

Troops of the Kachin militia group, the Rebellion Resistance Force (RRF) from Northern Burma have been airlifted in military aircrafts to Naypyitaw, the new capital of the country since early this month, said local sources.

The RRF leader, a businessman, Tanggu Dang also called Ahdang with about 300 troops came from Putao district in Kachin State to Naypyitaw by special military aircrafts of the junta’s air force, according to eyewitnesses and residents of Putao Town.

In analysis of the current uprising some international reports have noted that information from inside Burma can “leak out” better than ever before. With almost every news organisation on earth leading with coverage of the Burma protests there is a huge appetite for more pictures and information from inside. Everybody – from Presidents and Prime Ministers down – is now watching very closely. And, thankfully, there remain good flows of information for the time being.

Under the circumstances it seems hugely important that news from across the country, and not just the major cities, gets out to the wider world. Relatively obscure outlets like the Kachin News Group may have a big role to play as events unfold. Other sources such as The Irrawaddy and Democratic Voice of Burma will obviously continue to offer important news and analysis.

In the current turmoil it is worth keeping an eye on the fringes, and on the lesser known sources of information. They are well worth some of our attention, interest and support.