Lanna mua tawa (Yesteryear Lanna) (2007) by Bunsoem Sattraphai. 203 pages. An album of photographs of Lanna from the late 19th to the mid 20th Century. Bunsoem is a well known photographer, newspaper journalist, and collector in the Northern region since the 1950’s. His last job was a chief of the editor board for Thai News Daily (Thai language daily newspapers in Chiang Mai). Now in his 80’s, Bunsaoem provides copies of his historical photos for others to use in their works or for memorial purpose. Images shown below are reproduced from the book, I have selected 3 focusing on treatment of prisoners in early 20th century, but there are numerous other themes.

New Mandala Readers interested in this work might also like to see the collection of Thai ephemera from the books of Anake Nawigamune at the National Library of Australia.

Here are some interesting and rather gruesome images of law old-style law enforcement from Lanna mua tawa. (Warning, the fourth image is graphic.)

Shoeless Lanna Police

Prisoners shackled

Prisoner being shackled at the neck, circa 1907


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