Installation view from the Children's Art Space at Museum MACAN in Jakarta, featuring installation work by Mit Jai Inn, a Thailand-based artist. (Photo by Elly Kent)

Launching ARTSEA: art, design and architecture in Southeast Asia

New Mandala is proud to launch a new platform ARTSEA, New Mandala’s new platform dedicated to art, design and architecture in Southeast Asia. This page will be home to diverse collection of articles, videos, seminars, photo essays and reviews that look at contemporary, modern and historical art and architecture, and its place in society in Southeast Asia. Contributed by artists, historians, curators, dramaturgs, architects, scholars and other practitioners in the field, these articles will expand your vision of what happens—and what has happened—in art and architecture in Southeast Asia.

In collaboration with members of the Asia Research Hub at the ANU School of Art and Design, and with contributions from our colleagues at other universities, museums and galleries, and independent initiatives in Australia and the region, ARTSEA will serve our readers a veritable feast of analysis, imagery, opinion and anecdote.

For our inaugural ARTSEA post, we are privileged to share with you a recent seminar presented by Professor Adrian Vickers of the University of Sydney, who was a Visitor in the School of Culture History and Language in April 2021. The seminar, titled History and Art history in Southeast Asia, was hosted by New Mandala in conjunction with the ANU Southeast Asia Institute.

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