Whoever is launching the attacks on the rallies held by the People’s Alliance for (Sufficiency) Democracy in Bangkok is doing the PA(S)D a big favour. With their cause looking increasingly tawdry and discredited, the most the PA(S)D can hope for is that their credibility will be boosted by the impression that they are standing firm against the dark forces of violence and dissension. The recent attacks on the PA(S)D rallies resonate nicely with claims (spread by Sondhi Limthongkul and others) that the 2006 coup was justified because Thaksin was planning a violent crackdown on the PA(S)D protesters. Whoever is organising the attacks must be aware that they are doing the PA(S)D a big public relations favour.

Everyone has a right to peaceful protest. Whatever the cause. Even if people want to protest against a democratically elected government amending a constitution imposed by a military regime in a sham referendum. (Not The Nation has some great coverage of the PA(S)D campaign).

Just let the PA(S)D stew in their own juice (with the Democrat-except-when-you-can’t-win-an-election-and-then-a-coup-is-ok Party stirring the pot).