From time-to-time I get asked, “So Nich, what are the longest threads of comments on New Mandala?”

With that question in mind, the following list, current as of today, may be of interest to readers, new and old, who are looking to chew over some of the more contentious issues in mainland Southeast Asia.

And do feel free to weigh in and have your say.

  1. The King Never Smiles? (284)
  2. Lèse majesté and the BBC (89)
  3. Volunteering to fight in Burma (83)
  4. Reynolds on Handley’s The King Never Smiles (77)
  5. Interview with Paul Handley (70)
  6. The electorate and the “acute state of Thai politics” (66)
  7. Royalist propaganda and policy nonsense (60)
  8. The Devil’s Discus – in Thai (57)
  9. Thai Studies conference open forum (48)
  10. Thailand’s Crown Prince (47)

Some of these are old threads, and some are relatively new. Checking back through the 10,000 or so comments on the site it is clear that the scope of debates and comments are well beyond anything that Andrew or I originally foresaw. There are, quite amazingly, dozens and dozens of posts with twenty or thirty thoughtful comments. So, a big thank you to everyone who makes these discussion threads so vibrant.

And please let us know if we can host any other contributions you might like to make.