Former Malaysian strongman has issued a statement that he reserves the right to sue author Barry Wain, veteran opposition leader, Lim Kit Siang and online news portal Malaysiakini for allegedly defaming him. (Read here).

Lim Kit Siang who had earlier called for a Royal Commission to investigate the information in Barry Wain’s book, replied in his blog (read here) that Mahathir is distracting Malaysians from the real issue of corruption and mismanagement during his 23 year reign.

The progressive online news portal, The Malaysian Insider has urged Mahathir to sue and not waste public funds on Royal Commissions that are ultimately useless. Barry Wain, an Australian and former Wall Street journalist has also welcomed Mahathir’s threat to sue.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has stopped the entry of the book pending investigation if the book is a “security threat.”