HELP University

Datuk Dr. Paul Chan — an alumni of the Australian National University and the founder, president and vice chancellor of the very successful HELP University — is reaching out to North Koreans.

This news report from Foreign Policy captures the story:

Within six years, North Korea “will engage the world in many constructive ways,” Chan predicts, in a statement that leaps from Socrates to Henry Kissinger to Malala Yousafzai. “When a world leader facilitates this, probably an American President, there will be a rush to DPR Korea. Everyone will rush in to offer assistance and investment. I am just a bit ahead of them in that I feel no one at this moment has the courage to do this though their hearts tell them to do so.”

“[L]et’s start with offering education opportunities to the people of this country with the support of their President,” adds Chan, who has an actual Ph.D. in economics. “Why deny them? Why punish them with sanctions? The people are hungry for education to change their lives. Give it to them.”

“Can you help to send out this message and enlighten the world?” Chan asks. His statement, in full, is below. Consider yourself enlightened.